Artificial Intelligence to give emerging sports the strategic edge

Our AI software extracts player and match data using computer vision and delivers game-changing insights.

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Athlete Tracking

Our AI software delivers athlete tracking via computer vision and delivers player and match analytics post-game.

Specialising in emerging sports, our AI algorithm can be adapted to many sports data points.

Get The Edge Over Your Competitors

Champions are created in a split second – we deliver analytics that show exactly how athletes compare to their competitors – and the statistics needed to drive winning outcomes.

Ball + Object Detection

Automated AI ball tracking direction, speed, trajectory, length and placement.

Player Tracking movements+ patterns

Capturing athlete movements and patterns to provide a visual aid for coaches to identify key improvement areas.

Intelligent Performance Analysis: Athlete + Competitors

Quantitative and qualitative layer with full tactical analysis.

Why Gerford

Gerford delivers professional elite level coaching data and analytics for emerging sports.

Accurate, time-saving data analysis driven by AI

Data warehouse on individual athletes and their performances

Optimise game preparation